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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bright Snow

We received about 4 inches of snow here in Arlington today. It was magical to play in it with Graeme. This was his first real experience with snow at a point when he is able to really be in it (as opposed to stand in a pile looking scared while I took pictures last year). I put him in some hand-me-down rain boots from the Dockins' boys and his winter coat and hat and we "crunched" around the neighborhood while he stuck out his hand to catch flakes, pressed his mitten into objects in the courtyard to watch it disappear and made footprints everywhere. I loved just watching his reaction and listening to his commentary. 'now (he can't really say the 's') disappear; 'now is loud (when he crunched his feet); I eat 'now.

After dinner he wanted to go out again. "Put coat on dad-ee." "Mom-ee stay here with Ian." At one point Steve asked me to bring sunglasses. Graeme stated that the snow was too bright and he needed sunglasses!


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