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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Washington Monster

Graeme is fascinated with monsters. We aren't exactly sure how he views monsters or what exactly they mean to his 2-year old mind. In order to avoid introducing any of our own biases regarding monsters we just nod and ask probing questions when he talks about them. He doesn't necessarily seem to be afraid. For example, the other day Steve said he closed his bedroom door and said "Bye, bye monsters. See you later." Yet, he will also say "No monsters in there," before proceeding into our laundry room.

Tonight we went to see the Christmas tree near the White House (see picture above) and as we were driving down 395 he said "what's that monster" and pointed to the Washington Monument. I said, "that's the Washington monster." He then asked about the monster for most of the trip to and from DC. Where's the monster? I can't see the monster. Where are his eyes? I want to see his eyes. Monster is sleepy.

So, from here on out the legendary monument will be referred to as the Washington Monster in our household.


Anonymous Rhonda said...

Good for people to know.

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