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Monday, December 17, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus

I can't believe that we were able to get Graeme to sit on Santa's lap without (1) promising him lots of cookies, (2) Steve making a complete fool of himself jumping up and down on a Sunday afternoon in the mall, or (3) drugging him. We waited for about an hour in line. Well, I should say that Ian and I waited about an hour. Steve and Graeme rode the escalators 400 times. When it was our turn Graeme willingly went to Santa and then climbed on his lap after Santa offered a sticker. I quickly snapped a few good shots and then we scurried on our way without nary paying a dime. I'm not sure if I should be sharing this information, but Santa seemed didn't seem to mind and in fact suggested that we take a photo on our own camera with each of the boys individually. The operation at Pentagon City mall is inefficient at best and to wait for the opportunity to pay $25 for a 5x7 print would have added a good 30 minutes to our trip. So, we just took our photos, thanked Santa for the chocolate and stickers, paid our $1.50 parking fee and headed on our way. If I get coal in my stocking next Tuesday I'll know that this wasn't a good idea.


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