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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bathroom as a group activity

As with most parents of young children there is little privacy in my life and the bathroom is no exception. The one big sacrifice with this new house is that there is no bathroom on the main level. Graeme still needs help using the potty so when he has to go we all (Graeme, Ian, myself) make a trek upstairs. It usually goes something like this:

Mommy, I have to poopy.

Do you need help?


Graeme gets himself started and then...this is funny...when he was first learning to use the potty Steve would tell him to bend over after he did his business so that we could wipe. He couldn't figure out the bending over part so Steve told him to touch his toes. Much easier directions to follow. He still finishes his business, hops off the pot, and touches his toes....followed by some sort of commentary about the products of this activity. (Look two pieces. It's a big one. Wow.) Makes me chuckle.

Next I usually use the potty because dragging the whole family upstairs a second time around is too much of a production. Might as well get all the toilet needs of the family taken care of in one "sitting."

While I'm doing my business Ian usually proceeds to bash the toilet seat into my back. The first time he did this I jumped because, well, I wasn't expecting it and it hurt! He thought this was hysterical and now it's a game. While I urinate Ian repeatedly bangs the toilet seat into my back. Kind of jolts things out of you. I also usually spend half the time we are in the bathroom saying things like:

Keep you hands out of the potty.

No, yucky.

Bath toys stay in the tub.

Paper towels are for the floor.

No, not the whole roll of paper in the potty.

Once we are wrapping things up Ian will then go for the toilet brush and attempt to really clean things up for us.

This all takes a good 20 minutes or so, which in kid-time is a good chunk of time and a nice way to spend an afternoon.

I know, without a doubt, that I will be lonely when I eventually get to urinate on my own.


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