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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Coconut on your eyeballs

What???? That's my reaction too. We seemed to have entered a new phase with G that, like all the others that precede it, mystify, frustrate, humor and challenge me. He constantly puts together nonsensical phrases like, "push hands cocoa bah" or "slide plant eyeball cocoa." They are really so meaningless that I can't remember the exact combinations, though many of them involve the words 'coconut,' 'eyeball,' and 'cocoa.' I assume this must be related to something he's seen on TV (Wonder Pets' experts, any thoughts?) or at school. I think it must be an attempt at humor and we all know that a sense of humor isn't one of my strong suits so it's a no wonder that I can't find this funny. I waver between ignoring him, telling him that he's not making sense, and returning the phrase with an exaggerated "that's CRAZY, coconuts on your eyeballs?!?!?" None of these serve to reduce the frequency with which he runs around shouting these things so I try to just roll with it. But, like the preference for shooter toys and power rangers I find myself ill-equipped to interact in a meaningful way.


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