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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I don't want your face

I have a million things to post about...new house, fun trips, cute kid stories, random complaints...but no time to put together a meaningful update. I do, however, need to share a funny story.

Many of you know about G's obsession with my hair. He loves to play with it...it's his comfort zone. I love being his lovie, for now. Last night it was late and he begged to sleep in our bed. I was tired and said OK. As I was lying down with him to go to sleep myself he said, "I don't want your face, I want your hair." This was my cue to roll over so that he could play with the back of my head. He probably should refine this a bit for his first true love after mama.

More later....back to wrapping and cooking and cleaning and eating.


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