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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nats New Home

Graeme and Steve took a little field trip to the Washington Nationals new home. As season ticket holders Steve felt it important to do a little research on the construction of the new ballpark. Graeme thought the puddles were fun and the cranes were cool.

Steve also shows his creative side with the close-up of Graeme and a tree on the Mall. (And if anyone can teach me how to get these dang pictures to post throughout the text and not just at the top I'd appreciate it!)

In terms of Knox Knews, he is doing really well. He has created a nest in the back of my closet and has been there for 2 straight days. He's always favored this spot, so it makes sense for him to hang out there now. Plus, it keeps him away from his sister who continues to hiss at him. The hissing is troubling to us, but we understand her instincts. Knox hasn't been moving around much, but he responds really well to us. He squeaks when we approach him and purrs loudly. Given that neither cat has ever been a purring kitty this is a nice, new experience for us.

We are facing the next few days with some trepidation as we await news of the biopsy results. Knox seems to be on such a path of recovery that it is hard to fathom how we might handle news to the contrary. We take each day one at a time.

Thank you for your continued thoughts, emails, and well wishes....and stories about your own pets. They are very comforting and touching.


Anonymous Jeff said...

That lil G-man is SO so cute. Love the pics. We have been thinking much about Knoxy the last few days (since we endured a similar madness with Elway)...hoping you guys are doing well.

Simon says hi.

10:48 AM  

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