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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Graeme's Buddy

Graeme had a visit from his buddy, Simon, this past weekend. Simon and his parents, Alyssa and Jeff (maybe if I hotlink his blog he'll post), lived directly behind us until this past June when they relocated to Maine. Simon and Graeme are about 2 months apart in age and have known each other since about 25 weeks gestation. While Alyssa and Jeff have lived behind us as long as we've been in Fairlington, we only connected with them once we noticed that we were each pregnant. And connect we did. We immediately found lots of common ground with the R's and ended up spending many an afternoon hanging out in the grassy area between our homes. Jeff would toss the ball for the dog while we'd chat about social issues, quirky neighbors, jobs, books, whatever. Alyssa and I went for coffee weekly with the boys and talked daily about sleep habits, eating habits, teething, crying, poop, use of pacifiers (for Graeme and Simon, that is)....things new moms are want to discuss. It was so fabulous to have someone *literally* in my backyard to share the new parenting experience. Alyssa and Steve shared a running interest and Steve felt very honored when she asked him to run the last 5 miles or so in her first marathon this past November. Jeff and I shared an interest in how nuts we thought/think are spouses are for their fitness obsession.

At any rate, I was despondent when they decided to relocate to Maine to try a slower paced lifestyle and be near family. It seems as though every 6 months or so we are recruiting for a new set of friends due to moves like these, but this one was the hardest by far and left a huge hole in my day-to-day life.

(The bottom picture is from Elissa's 2nd birthday party this past Friday. Elissa is Simon and Graeme's pal from across the street. Graeme, Simon, and Elissa have known each other since birth.)

(More Knox Knews tomorrow. )


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