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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let the treatments begin

We started Knox on an oral chemotherapy (cytoxan) this morning. We decided to add this to his current treatment of prednisone (steroid) in the hopes that it will help shrink the tumor and buy us some more quality time, without causing any uncomfortable side effects. The oral chemo is administered every other day at home and he doesn't need to be monitored as closely as with full blown chemo. Our trip to the hospital to have his staples removed yesterday confirmed with us that weekly chemo treatments are not in Knox's best interest. We dragged Maddie along with us on the visit for several reasons. First, we had Knox tested for feline leukemia. Many cats with lymphoma also test positive for feline leukemia (my understanding is that it is a different form of leukemia than what we see in humans). Feline leukemia is highly contagious and therefore if Knox tested positive we would have had Maddie tested as well. Fortunately, Knox's test came back negative. (The test results are ready in 10 minutes.) Second, we wanted Maddie to pick up the smells of the hospital in hopes that she would refrain from attacking Knox upon his return home. It sort of worked. She's hissed at him a few times (probably because she's pissed that she now has to endure unnecessary trips to the vet), but nothing like we experienced when bringing him home from surgery. Unfortunately for Maddie, this means she's going to need to go with us on future visits. This also means that we are going to have to find child care on those future visits. It's next to impossible to handle two meowing, irritated cats and one crying, irritated child amongst two stewing, irritated adults. Oh, and Maddie peed all over her carrier on the trip to the hospital and Knox pooped all over his on the way home. I truly feel sorry for the cats (and myself) and we will minimize these visits to the extent possible.

Knox seems to be slightly uncomfortable after the chemo pill. I'm guessing it could be a low-grade nausea. We are watching him closely. I'm still a bit torn about giving him the chemo. It is not going to cure him and really the only purpose is to buy US some more quality time with him. Seems selfish for him to endure any side effects for my own gain.


Blogger docdoc said...

But keep in mind that you're also buying Knox quality time with you all.

Hang in there, and thanks for keeping us posted.

- c & l (& e & a)

11:47 AM  

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