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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Pet Peeve of the Moment

...the anecdotes in parenting books that claim a particular technique worked miracles on the first try and with little effort.

I'm currently reading Happiest Baby on the Block and I must say that it has provided some of the better advice on getting a baby to sleep compared to some of the other books I've read over the past two years (sleep is important to me, but not so much for Graeme...or Ian it seems). The 5 s's (swaddle, side, swing, shhh, suck) resonate with Ian, particularly the side one. However, we are long from the "my child was asleep at the mere sight of the swaddling blanket" claimed by many of the parents quoted in the book. Who are these people? I hate them.

I've been 5 s'ing for 3 hours and as I type Ian appears to be in a slumber. I'm going to add a 6th 's', slogging. Slogging = putting Ian to sleep by creating blog entries.


Blogger Mike said...

sounds like Ian wants you to blog even more than the rest of us!

(yeah, and I can't stand Simple Solutions, either. these people are not real.)

12:48 PM  

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