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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Diaper Duty

Graeme has decided that he can and will remove his diaper on occassion. Yesterday, when Steve went in to get him in the morning he was sitting in his crib almost buck-naked. He had removed his pjs, unsnapped his undershirt, taken off his diaper and thrown it across the room. Thankfully, it had #1 contents only. He declared, "My diaper is gross. It's full of pee-pee. PU." Steve contained his laughter and then responded in a matter-of-fact way. Oh, of course, let's get you a new diaper, or something like that.

We laughed about this throughout the day. Apparently enough to encourage him to do a repeat performance. Last night he went to bed at 8, but then chattered for a while. At 10PM we still heard him talking and this time he was saying, "Daddy, can you get me a new diaper." Oh no. We went upstairs and found him naked again and the nearly-dry diaper thrown across the room. I asked him why he took all his clothes off. His response..."these aren't clothes, they're jammies." Duh, mama. Steve put him back together, we got him back in bed and haven't heard a peep yet. Though, I have a feeling he'll be up momentarily. I hope this is all a sign that potty-training is on the horizon. I'm not sure I dig the idea of diaper-chucking as a new pastime.


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