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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Day Out

I like the stay-at-home mom gig that I have going right now. I'm not sure if its the temporary nature of it that allows me to settle into a pattern of mid-morning coffee (decaf, still), a few puzzles and books, some outdoor time and lunch, naps, and then dinner. I plan it all out as though I'm preparing for my graduate school comprehensive exams. I have the meals organized for the week, laundry neatly folded, and I praise myself when a day goes smoothly (like today) and analyze endlessly when things go awry (every other day). I also enjoy the kinship that comes from being part of the how-do-you-do-it, life-is-so-hard-with-two-kids, you-must-be-exhausted club. So, yesterday when I went to the dentist to have a tooth filled I really did settle into the chair and stretch open my mouth with a bit of relaxation and pleasure at the break that it offered from my day-to-day routine.


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