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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Value of Ian

We are all on the mend here, thankfully, and nature's experiment to trick my body into continued milk production seems to have worked. Worked much better than the $40K I paid to a large local fertility clinic to try to trick my body into greater egg production several years ago.

Thermometer usage has been on the rise in our household and Graeme needed to check Ian's temperature (with an ear thermometer) this morning. He knew just how to use the device. So, I turned it on, Graeme stuck it in Ian's ear and when it beeped he declared "Ian is 7 dollars." Perfect, I replied! The other ear was only 3 dollars, but I told him that was OK too.

For the record, EPA applies a value of statistical life of $6'ish million dollars to value the mortality risk reductions from its policies. And, the literature is pretty mixed on whether or not children should be assigned a higher or lower value than adults. We can consider Graeme's pronouncement an additional data point in the debate.


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