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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Graeme and his routines

Maureen, our nanny, stayed with Graeme this past Friday night while Steve and I went to the Hawk n' Dove to pick our Nationals games with the rest of the group with whom we split season tickets. Maureen reported that at 6:55 (we usually start his bedtime routine at 7pm) he went to the stairs to head up for bed. He climbed the stairs, went to the bathroom, and pointed to his toothbrush (which is crazy, since he screams every time I go near his mouth with it). Maureen gave it to him, but then said, "Graeme, I don't know where the toothpaste is located." He then proceeded to climb on to the toilet and open the drawer in the vanity where she was able to retrieve the toothpaste.

Maureen also reported that yesterday she took all three boys under her watch to the park and told them, "we'll be here for one hour." At exactly one hour, Graeme stopped what he was doing and started walking home. Brilliant, eh? She then said that he went into the house, headed to the bathroom, and tried to take his pants off to go pee in the toilet, which is what she makes the older two boys do after an outing. He loves to do whatever William (3) and Major (4) do. I suppose I could go with this interest in the toilet. Seems like momma isn't ready for the developmental milestone. I'm sure the seasoned parents are saying, "ha, she thinks it's this easy."


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