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Friday, December 21, 2007


An interesting exchange has developed with Graeme that has me agreeing to all sorts of crazy ideas. It goes something like this:

Graeme: "I want cookies for dinner."
Mama: "You want cookies for dinner?"
Graeme: "OK"


Graeme: "Let's put Madison's food on floor." (Madison is the cat.)
Mama: "You want to put Madison's food on the floor?"
Graeme: "OK" (sound of cat food being poured all over the kitchen floor)

These are real world examples. I think I developed this habit of repeating what he says for clarification purposes. Even now, but especially a few months ago, it was difficult to discern what exactly he was saying. So, I would repeat what I thought he said to make sure I was understanding him correctly, as any good conversationalist would, right? Now, it's a habit, or perhaps a way for me to gather my thoughts while coming up with a more appropriate response that won't elicit wails of protest, such as, "cookies, what a great idea AFTER we eat dinner." Or, "Madison sure would like her food in this special bowl."

Instead, by repeating Graeme's requests I have inadvertently turned them into offers he gladly accepts.


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