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Friday, March 07, 2008

Good-bye Gregg and Elise

Our very good friends, Gregg and Elise, have moved to Colorado and we miss them dearly. Gregg and Steve worked together and we quickly hit if off with them when we first moved to town 8 years ago. They taught us to climb and we spent many a weekend afternoon on the rocks at Great Falls, Carderock, Seneca, and more. They were also our good hiking and camping pals, and the people we called at the last minute to join us for pool and beer. They have been very kind and supportive while we struggled to have kids and then to raise them. You don't find friends like this often and we are sad, sad, sad not to have them in our daily lives. Fortunately, we now have a great place to visit in Colorado. Though, I prefer if Colorado weren't several states away.


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