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Friday, May 09, 2008

My Poor Feet

One of my favorite things about the warmer weather is that I can break out my nice collection of fun shoes....wedges, flip flops, sporty water shoes, birks, strappy sandals, etc. However, I dread the month it takes for my previously confined toes to get used to the elements and rubbing on the leather (or canvas or pleather or whatever) in the summer footwear. For the past few weeks my poor pinky toes have been rubbed raw and are working hard to develop a callous or two so that we can withstand an entire season of show.

Today I found myself in the unusual position of having about 15 1/2 minutes to myself. Shall I caulk the bathtub (a running project in our house, it seems) or paint my toe nails? I went for the latter (we can continue showering in the basement despite the inconvenience, but my toes needed attention NOW). I pulled out the supplies and did a quick in-home pedicure. I'm pretty good at it, I must say. Buffed the nails and everything. I was proud of the result and headed downstairs to do a quick check on email before my peace was over and on the way I ran smack dab into a Fisher Price special and scraped the polish on the right big toe. Holly F----- Shit, why the h--- am I even TRYING to look decent. I'm a mom of two young-uns. Who am I kidding with pedicured digits? In order to dispel any myths that I can do it all - pedicure and parent - I'm walking around with half-painted toes for the next few months.


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