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Sunday, April 27, 2008


For months now we've been easing Graeme into potty training. A long time ago we pulled out the potty that my friend, Victoria, gave us. Every night at bath time we have encouraged Graeme to use it. At first he was using it about once a week, and now we are up to several times a day. I spontaneously created a little song when he was successful and now he asks for the song when he wants to pee. "Can you do song, Mommy?" He gets so excited to hear the little song and dance that I do. We've now graduated into pull-ups. Not exclusively, but on occasion, because the buggers are about double the price of diapers and he goes through them just as quickly. In fact, he goes through them quicker because he can put them on himself. More than occasionally I will find him stripped naked and putting on a brand new pull-up because "I don't want McQueen anymore. I want Mater," referring to the characters from Cars that don the boys size 2T-3T Huggies brand pull-ups. The other day we were in the bathroom together (parents don't pee on their own, you know) and Graeme, very excitedly said, "Mommy you have pull-ups too!" So now in our house we talk about Mommy and Daddy's pull-ups and how it's important not to pee in your pull-ups. A lesson I've thankfully mastered.


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