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Friday, September 15, 2006

A heavy heart

Earlier this week we learned of the death of two people in our lives, in the same day.

William Addison Stavlund May 9-Sept 12, 2006
Will is the infant son of a runny buddy of Steve's who became his inspiration for running the Boston marathon and touched our hearts in numerous ways. We've followed his life through daily blog postings by his dad. We've come to love this little guy and his family, even though our paths didn't physically intersect but once. Will made our lives better in many ways:
** I stand in awe of modern medicine, and curse its limitations.
** I realize the importance of community and admire the one that I see surrounding the Stavlunds.
** Life is so much more precious than I think I ever realized. I hug my son more tightly, move more slowly, absorb more fully, and think more clearly in realization of the fact that we have but one chance to live this life and we might as well do it with meaning.
** Will brought out a side of Steve that I'd not witnessed previously. Will gave him inspiration to run harder and faster, and in turn Steve opened his heart to this little guy. It became his baby and I fell more in love with Steve while witnessing the depths of his emotions.

Our hearts are heavy while we grieve the loss of this life.

Ray Winslow Some date in the past - Sept 12, 2006
Ray lived across the courtyard from us and was a joyful presence in our lives. He lived life fully and always wore a smile. He and Rita loved to ride the bikes inspired us to have fun in life. They wore silly hats at Halloween, set up the sprinkler for the kids on hot days, and fed our cats when we were out of town. Ray very unexpectedly died while riding his bike with Rita in the neighborhood. We are heavy with grief at this unexpected loss.

May you rest in peace dear friends.