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Friday, October 26, 2007


This is what happens when you leave daddy home alone with craft supplies.

Mama is big

Yup, I definitely look pregnant. I feel like my hips are about to fall out of their sockets and I'm officially waddling, but no complaining here. This baby has started to drop and I'm moving as much as possible to get gravity to do it's trick and bring him into the world.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fluffing the Nest

As birth day approaches we officially engaged in some nesting this weekend. I've sent Steve to the attic at least 10 times in the last 2 weeks, each time to retrieve or store more stuff. We've added 2 bouncy seats, 1 swing, a bassinet, car seat, stroller, 2 boxes of clothes, baby bath tub, couple of bags of toys, size 1 diapers, mobile, and lots of Halloween decorations to our already tight quarters. We stored an ottoman and train table. It doesn't quite balance so we are finding even more creative ways to put what seem to be must-haves into our overly abundant lives. Part of me would love to go back to my roots and bathe the baby in the sink and make a bed out of a dresser drawer. It's so much more complicated to make all these modern conveniences fit into our lives.

Steve runs the Marine Corps Marathon next weekend so this was the last weekend of heavy lifting, for both of us. I'm officially uncomfortable, but thankful that all is going well. This baby has started to move less - I suppose he's running out of room. This always makes me nervous so I poke and prod him a lot. He usually responds with a jab to the rib cage. It's surreal to imagine this living creature in residence in my belly. I'm sure it has Graeme stymied too, though he's learned to respond correctly to queries like "where's the baby?"