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Thursday, June 25, 2009

He's parenting ME

This is an admitedly unremarkable post for not having been on the scene for a while, but a cute story and I have a few minutes. (My brain floweth over with posts, but time to write....there is none.)

I was flying solo tonight, which meant TV assisted me in my child-care duties.

I left Graeme and Ian on the bed after their bath, TV on, while I ran downstairs to get Ian's bottle. No sooner had I reached the bottom of the stairs when Ian was wailing his, "Mommy, Graeme is torturing me," wail.

Me (sternly): Graeme, what are you doing?

Graeme: I'm sorry I was grabbing and scrambling Ian, mommy.

Me (sternly and pleading): Please don't do that.

Graeme: Then don't leave me alone with him.