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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chilled to the bone...one more time

Contrary to most in the world, I love the cold weather. There is something comforting about bundling up in layers and hunkering down for a good cold spell. It's a good time to read a book (though I haven't done that PG - post-Graeme), watch movies (haven't done much of that either), and cook big meals (ditto). I love a good cozy day in the house. DC offers some opportunities for cold comfort, but it's always about 2 months less than my bones need. So, today was a welcome surprise. After 2 days of 75 degree weather earlier in the week we were treated to 30 degree temps and a light dusting of snow. We celebrated by a walk to an unnamed coffee shop. Graeme kicked through the snow and learned about black ice.

Not much Knox Knews to report. He is tolerating the oral chemo well and has good energy. He got sick last night and has tried to eat the plants (an unwelcome behavior from his pre-diagnosis days). We’re not sure what to make of it, so are just keeping an eye on him, as usual.


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