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Friday, December 28, 2007

Greetings from the road

We are currently on day 5 of a week-long road trip between home, the Eastern Shore, and upstate NY. It has been great to see all of my side of the family, but a week-long road trip in the middle of winter with a 2 year old and newborn baby to four different over-night locations won't go down in history as our best road-trip agenda. In fact, it may be the worst. We are a particularly high-maintenance family right now. We travel with enough gear to outfit a small army and Graeme is a very fussy eater. Between our two kids we are awake until at least midnight and then again at 6AM, and ideally we need two separate sleeping areas. Graeme needs a room with dark and quiet. Ian needs a room with a light on most of the night and decent sound-proofing. It's hard to find accommodations that will patiently satisfy even a few of our needs. And, when the formula isn't close to accurate chaos erupts, as has happened on several occasions. Add to this the fact that I'm avoiding alcohol in an effort to stave off Ian's screeching makes for one not-so-happy mama.

The bright side is that Graeme is getting to know his grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins quite well and he loves the constant attention. Also, everyone, especially Graeme, is holding up very well and handling the constant change with relative ease. Never the less, I'm looking forward to returning to our own digs soon.


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