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Friday, March 14, 2008

Milkshakes for Ian

Last night I had a RESOLVE meeting, which means some productive time spent planning our Spring conference followed by wine with Jane. I planned to be gone for about 4-5 hours so I left Steve with a few bottles of formula for Ian. I am out of pumped milk due to the antibiotic spell a few weeks ago. We rarely use formula so I only have these prepacked "tubes" that each contain enough formula for a four-ounce bottle. I made one bottle and left two tubes on the counter, thinking this should be more than enough to get him through the night. When I returned home at 11PM (well under my 2.5 bottles of wine limit, so I didn't have to pump 'n dump) everyone was sound asleep in the house. It's rare that Ian is konked out at 11PM, so I was surprised, but pleased. I noticed that the bottle was finished and both packets of formula were empty - hungry boy, I thought. Ian woke at 2'ish and I fed him, but he was fussy and didn't really settle down. Finally at 3 I asked Steve to take over. He said he thought Ian was hungry and suggested a bottle. Fine, I said, in my groggy state. Steve made a bottle and took care of Ian until morning. I enjoyed the slumber. Well, when I went downstairs there were two more empty formula tubes. I asked Steve how he made the bottle - two tubes to four ounces of water, right, he said. Ah, nope. You just made Ian a milkshake - a nice, thick creamy, double-Enfamil shake. No wonder he was in a deep-slumber at 11PM and then pissed off at 2AM. I was trying to feed him nutrient-rich, but very watery breastmilk, albeit laced with a bit of Sauvignon Blanc. The latter, however, was not enough to slake his thirst for a thick, creamy shake. I can't imagine what Steve will be doing behind my back once he has the boys as true partners in crime.


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