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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I crossed the line

A previous post of mine has hurt some family members and I must publicly apologize for what I wrote. I've sadly learned the hard way a danger of blogging. It's OK to make fun of myself, but it's not fair or right to bring others into the fray. I don't know who reads this blog (not many, according to my hit rate), but it's out there for the world to read and I need to be understanding about who gets brought into my blog.

I took poetic license in describing a trip to the Eastern Shore to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I described Ocean City, in general, and their neighborhood specifically in a way that wasn't flattering or nice and they were hurt. For that I am truly sorry. One way to make this blog more interesting, in light of my particularly ho-hum life, is to take creative license in describing situations. The problem with that approach is that it means taking cheap-shots at innocent people. I suppose it's OK to do that with truly innocent by-standers (e.g., the random driver on the beltway, a person in line at the grocery store), but to cross the line and do it with family is nasty. And, for that I apologize. It's also particularly unfair given that there is much that could be said about my own neighborhood that is unflattering, and yet I don't expose our own oddities, weirdnesses, or boredom.

My post also detracts for all that is good about Ryan and Julie's neighborhood, and why we like to go visit. Over the four or so years that they've lived there we have come to know many of the neighbors and enjoy their company at the annual neighborhood Christmas party, kids birthday parties, or other impromptu events. They are a friendly group of people who have been most kind to me and my family in many situations. There is an open-door policy on their street that means there is always a friend for the kids to play with, a neighbor to chat with. It's the epitome of an extended family and an enviable situation, for sure.

I'm not sure a public apology is sufficient, but it certainly is necessary. I'm sorry.


Blogger Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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