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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Duckie!

Happy Birthday Duckie!

Today is Ian's 1st Birthday. We celebrated this past weekend with a small, duck-themed birthday party. As with most parents, I can't believe that a year has gone by so quickly. Ian is the most adorable 1 year old I know. (Graeme is the most adorable 3 year old.) He has an easy-going personality and makes us laugh at his determination to climb the stairs, coerce everyone into bouncing him until your arms ache, and arch his back in loud protest when he's done eating. He holds his own against an eager older brother who can't wait for him to be big enough to play. Several have asked me where the nickname, Duckie, comes from. Steve took to calling Graeme "Fred" a while ago as a way of teasing him. "Is your name, Fred?" Steve would ask. "No, it's Graeme." "What's his name (pointing to Ian)?" Finally one day Graeme caught on that this was a game and he replied Duckie, probably because Ian was wearing jammies with a duck on them or was playing with a duck toy. It became a familiar game Steve and Graeme played. "What's your name?" "Fred!" "What's his name?" "Duckie!" Well, it stuck and now we call him Duckie, or Duck for short.

I can't believe my good fortune to have such lovable, adorable, stubborn, precocious amazing boys in my life.
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happy birthday, ian!

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