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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Moving on Up

After years of passively seeking a bigger house, we found a place. I would say it is close to being our dream house. It meets almost all of our space requirements (no bathroom on the main level is probably the biggest compromise we are making....Graeme will continue to pee off the front stoop, I'm afraid). Plus is has a few features that make us happy like the neighborhood is now on the historical registry and all of the woodwork is custom made and historically accurate. Oh, and it has "good flow." The lion's share of the housing in Arlington County was built in 1942 and features "center-hall colonial" style homes....i.e., you walk in the front door and the stairs are directly in front of you. It kind of chops up the living space (I couldn't a good link to this style, so you'll have to go with my inadequate description). This house is a center-hall style, but more of a side-hall in that the stairs and front door are on the left of the house so that the living space flows to my liking. This place also retains its original footprint. No one has put some god-awful, architecturally inconsistent addition onto it. I'll refrain from posting pictures until we (well, really the bank) have the title.

We have now set out to sell our place in Fairlington. I'm a bit despondent about it. This house and our neighborhood has been a fabulous place for Steve and me to put a foundation on our lives together. It's been an almost exclusively positive experience and I've made great friends that I hate to leave. Yes, I'm not going far. But, in this time of busy lives and busy days I see my neighbors more than anyone else and I'll miss having them part of my daily life. But, it's time to move on. So, while I am so sad to leave this little home I'm excited to make a new home in another part of Arlington.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a house, won't you come by and take a look!


Blogger mookie mama said...

congratulations on finding dream house, and best of luck selling fairlington house. leaving fairlington is so hard -- i've never loved a neighborhood so much. too bad they don't have more 3- or 4-bedroom units!

12:29 AM  

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