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Monday, April 16, 2007


For those of you following our sleep issues, we seem to be onto a better schedule...thankfully. I dare say we are out of the woods, but at least the past 2 nights have been more reasonable. We have learned that Graeme only seems to require 9 hours of sleep per night (note: his mama requires 8.5 hours, so he's clearly not wired like I am). Plus, a 2 hour nap. So, we put him to bed at 9PM and he sleeps until 6AM. It doesn't leave much time for getting the house together and relaxing at night, but c'est la vie. I've always said that I'm 2 steps behind Graeme's developmental jumps, and this is yet another example. So, for those looking at the time, I'm about to go to bed to make sure I'm not too many steps behind my energetic son. Thank you, everyone, for all of your suggestions (and prayers) this past week!


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