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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Update

Thank you all for your support, calls, and kind words. We, I mean I, seem to be better right now. I have several running theories about why we are out-of-whack. A couple of my latest...

1. This is a problem about ME, not Graeme.
2. I'm wracked with mommy guilt (damn that Catholic upbringing) and compensating in ways that aren't very healthy or productive for my family.
3. Sleep deprivation is chipping away at my patience and confidence to parent.
4. It's been exactly a year since Knox passed away and the milestone is difficult, causing some underlying anxiety and pain in the household.
5. I like to be liked and therefore can't so NO to my child, or deny him any requests, and then I'm resentful at all the pulls and tugs on my physical and mental self.

#2 is the one I'm fixated on today. But right now it's back to the paycheck job.


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