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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm kicking the habit

It's finally time to admit my addiction to American Idol. (I hesitate to even include those words in this blog for fear of 17 year old pipsqueaks leaving inane comments.) I watch obsessively, rearrange my schedule to be home on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, vote periodically, wring my hands over my favorites, analyze performances like I know what I'm talking about, try to convince Steve to upgrade our cable system so that I can skip the fillers and get to the good parts (didn't work), stay up way past my bedtime....all the signs of a bad habit.

Oh, and I always have an American Idol boyfriend. This year it's Blake. Just love his style. (Past candidates include Bo Bice and Chris Dougherty.)

Well, I think it's over. Last night's show left me irate. I felt duped and suckered into watching a two hour infomercial. But that's not the only reason I'm done with this show. They've changed the rules of the game, and I have strong preferences for playing fair. Candidates were told they were safe, which is technically not true. One of them received the fewest votes and that tally will be used in determining who is kicked off next week. And, the candidates have no feedback on where they stand based on their performance, a key element for adjusting their strategy for the following week. To date I've thought that the Idol Gives Back promo is brilliant. Great way to share the wealth and entice a captive audience into doing some good. Over the weeks the increasing intensity of the ads for this charity have become annoying. Last night was downright deceptive. I'm glad I delayed donating until the end because now I won't.

And, I'm sure I won't give up the show either, but it's nice to rant a bit.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me (and my brother, Ryan)!


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